Record figures for eDay 2010

08 Nov 10

This weekend wasn’t just about bangers, screamers and Catherine wheels, it was also a chance to get rid of that old CRT monitor that takes up half  your study – all in the name of eDay.

As reported at the beginning of November, eDay took place at over 50 drop-off locations throughout New Zealand on November 6th. Organisers expected this year's event to bring in over 1000 tonnes of electronic waste and they weren’t afar off.

17,787 cars, the largest number since eDay’s inception in 2007, passed through eDay sites around the country dropping off an estimated 77,000 items.

National Organiser, Laurence Zwimpfer of the eDay New Zealand Trust, said, “The amount collected filled over 110 shipping containers which is a phenomenal result. It demonstrates that there is clearly a lot of old computers out there being stored in cupboards and garages and New Zealanders want a solution to disposing of this gear in an environmentally friendly way.”

The recycling of the equipment will be managed by an agreement between the Ministry for the Environment and a computer recycler, who is still to be appointed.

“We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback from people around the country today so if legislation isn’t in place and there is still a need for eDay, we would like to run it again in 2011,” Zwimpfer concluded.

For more details about eDay, check out the official website.

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