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Recycle your old PC for free

eDay will take place at over 50 drop-off locations throughout New Zealand on November 6th and organisers expect this year's event to bring in over 1000 tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste).

The “drive-through event” is the perfect opportunity for households, schools, community groups and small businesses to clear out their garages and cupboards of computer equipment and old mobile phones.

Organiser, Laurence Zwimpfer, explained, “With that many computers being sent to landfill, and the options to dispose of them very limited, it is important that equipment is recycled wherever possible. Landfilling e-waste is a danger to our environment due to its toxic nature and does not allow for the recovery and reuse of precious material such as gold.”

eDay also aims to raise awareness about the dangers of dumping e-waste in landfills and the benefits of recycling computer equipment.

“Until legislation is in place, eDay is helping to buy New Zealand a little more time without generating new problems in our landfills,” Zwimpfer added.

Before you happily go and recycle your old computer or mobile phone, make sure you’ve erased any personal data that might be on the hard drive.

More details and drop-off points can be found here.

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