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This game is set to be the Wii seller – especially within the teenage and adult markets. Showcased to thousands of awe-struck fans at E3 this year, Red Steel is a first-person shooter revolving around the seedy underworld of the Yakuza in Japan.
So far we have learnt that the story begins with you escorting your fiancée’s father through various sections of an office building. Straight away, you’re taken through the basics of swordplay – where the hacking and slashing techniques are tied closely to your actions with the Wii-mote (but they don’t correspond exactly). Not far after you have mastered the art of sword-play, you get to test your hand at fire-arms with your remote letting you pin-point your shots like a laser pointer. You can also overturn tables to form a barricade, which is pretty handy since Red Steel has a similar approach with your character’s health to Call of Duty - stay down for long enough and you’ll recover, thus avoiding the need to mess about finding health packs.
Red Steel is one of the better looking titles for the Wii, in both graphics and for serious gameplay. We can’t wait to try this game out fully and it is set for launch along with the Wii this December!

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