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Remote computer access for iPhone
Wed, 1st Apr 2009
FYI, this story is more than a year old

US remote-access software company LogMeIn has released an iPhone application that will allow users to access and control a PC or Mac over the Internet using their handheld device.LogMeIn Ignition essentially provides a window to the user’s home computer, provided that computer is switched on and enabled with a version of LogMeIn’s software. Available versions include LogMeIn Free, LogMeIn Rescue and LogMeIn Pro, each with differing user privileges. The Pro version allows complete remote access to the files and applications on your home computer, remote printing to a home computer, and ‘drag and drop’ file management.The application also allows the user to navigate their computer’s Windows or Mac OS systems on their iPhones using its famous multi-touch gestures. It’s not only touted as ideal for those who wish to access their home computer off-site, but as an especially useful ‘tech support’ tool. An Ignition user could establish a connection with another user’s PC and effectively fix a technical problem without even being in the same location.LogMeIn Marketing Manager Matt Fleming insists that security concerns are not an issue for Ignition. “There are multiple layers of security with LogMeIn, but it’s the same security as online banks,” he says. Remote connection also requires password protection, Windows authentication (where applicable) and for some form of LogMeIn application to be installed on each device.LogMeIn Ignition is currently only available for iPhone from Apple’s application store for $NZ39, and Shaw says it will be a “short while” before it is available for Windows Mobile.