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Report: Mobile replacing computers for web

According to the Sensis e-business report, more than four in 10 Australians used mobile internet, and mainly at home or at work where they may have access to a computer.
Australians are said to be accessing mobile web at work or at home (both 42%), followed by when they are in transit (30%) and when they are out and about (10%). 
The report also suggests children are using the internet earlier with 26% starting at five years or younger, up two percentage points over the year. The most frequent age children start using the internet is between six and 10 years (46%). 

Despite the increase, the supervision of children on the internet declined during the year. 
67% of Australian households with children said they supervised their children on the internet, down from 72% last year. The use of internet content filters increased though, up eight percentage points to 39% of households with children.

According to the study the most popular activities Australians use mobile internet for are: 

  • looking for maps and directions (67%)

  • looking for weather information (64%)

  • browsing new sites (59%) 

  • looking for products and services (56%)

  • using a social network site (56%)

  • checking sports results (46%) 

  • looking for suppliers (45%) 

  • downloading a mobile app (42%) 

  • using a satellite navigation (40%)

  • downloading video content (35%) 

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