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REPORTS: Auckland Spark store ram-raided

Thu, 2nd Feb 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A Spark store in the upmarket Auckland suburb of Ponsonby was raided yesterday after thieves rammed the store with a car, taking off with a number of mobile devices.

This is the second time the store was ram-raided a few months ago.

Grant McBeath, general manager of Sales for Spark Home, Mobile and Business, says the theft was pointless as all devices stolen have been black listed, making the devices unusable.

“We're really disappointed by this attack. The individuals responsible have caused damage to the property and taken a significant quantity of stock,” McBeath says.

“It's also a really pointless theft. As all the devices have now been black listed, they might as well have stolen some paper weights, as that's all they're good for now,” he says.

Spark is reviewing the CCTV footage from cameras within store and is cooperating with the police in their investigation.

The store was cleaned up and re-opened for business at 11.30am yesterday. McBeath says there is an ongoing process under way to secure the store further.

“It seems such a shame to put yourself at risk, driving at high speed through glass windows, for such a pointless exercise,” adds McBeath.

McBeath is warning consumers of buying secondhand phones.

“You can always check whether a phone has been blacklisted following a theft by checking its unique IMEI number on the Telecommunications Forum's website,” he ecplains.

“If you do find a stolen phone, please hand it to the police.

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