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RESISTANCE: FALL OF MAN was a very good game that kicked off the PS3’s life with a bang. So it’s only natural to expect its successor to be even better. To our delight, Resistance 2 has managed to build on the solid gameplay of Fall of Man and the result is a more refined and expanded shooter, able to hold its own with the best titles of 2009.
A quick recap for those unfamiliar with the storyline: Resistance 2 is set in an alternate universe where an alien race called the Chimera has invaded earth and infected most of the population with a virus. You play as returning protagonist Nathan Hale, who is also stricken with the virus. Nathan is recruited by government agency SRPA to join the Sentinels – an elite band of resistance fighters focused on destroying the Chimera.
Right from the first scene, the furious pace of Resistance 2 will have adrenaline junkies on the edge of their seats. As you work through missions that are seamlessly integrated into the storyline, you perform all sorts of heroic tasks befitting an elite soldier. The Chimera are hell-bent on the total annihilation of mankind, so you’ll encounter the vicious beasties on land, air and in the water. You’ll come up against Kraken (giant water beasts much like the mythical creature of the same name), Furies (something that looks like a mutated walrus) and Goliaths - mechanical monsters that require multiple rocket impacts to turn them into smouldering heaps of twisted metal. You’ll pick up weapons like rocket launchers, magnums and even alien weapons dropped by Chimeran soldiers.
Resistance 2 does everything right. The storyline is highly engaging, aided by the fact that Nathan Hale is a likeable hero - not typically cheesy or overly macho. Gamers purely interested in the shooting action will be highly satisfied with the campaign mode. However, it’s the 60-player online multiplayer mode (the biggest multiplayer PS3 experience to date) that will ensure the popularity of this game.

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