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Retro fan produces new game for SNES

Are you living in the past? Do you have a permanent address on Memory Lane? This news is just for you, then – for the first time in 15 years, a new game is in development for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 

A new game called Nightmare Busters, described as a run ‘n gun shooter by producer Brandon Cobb, will be released for the retro console in 2013.

You heard correctly – the SNES, perhaps the most significant advance in video gaming ever, has not had a new game released since 1998.

And Cobb is calling on gamers to be conscientious about pre-ordering, as copies are strictly limited to 600.

"Because we have committed ourselves to accepting pre-orders for the first 600 copies of Nightmare Busters, we ask that only the most serious fans participate in the pre-order process,” he wrote on the game’s website.

If you happen to have an SNES kicking around somewhere – maybe next to your moon hopper and beside your sea monkey tank – the website for pre-ordering can be found here

An international copy will set you back $75, which includes Nightmare Busters on one of the first SNES cartridges manufactured in years, a full colour instruction manual, and a hard-cover case.

Although I can’t lay claim to having an SNES lying around the house, I have to admit releasing new retro games is a pretty awesome idea – how about developing some new PS1 games, or throwing out a few new cartridges for the Game Boy? Are there any consoles from the past you’d like to see getting a revival? Let us know below.

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