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Revealed: World's most dangerous places to surf the web

Internet security company AVG has release a report that details where in the world web surfers are most likely to face threats while being online.

Topping the list of the most dangerous places to find an internet cafe, log on and check your email are Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

At the other end of the spectrum – the safest places to surf – are Japan and Taiwan. Seven of the 10 safest countries in which to surf the internet can be found in Africa.

South America was the ‘safest’ while North America ‘riskiest’ and globally your chances of being attacked while online on any given day are 1 in 73.

World’s most dangerous places

  1. Turkey

  2. Russia

  3. Armenia

  4. Azerbaijan

  5. Bangladesh

  6. Laos

  7. Vietnam

  8. Portugal

  9. USA

  10. Ukraine

  11. Pakistan

World’s safest places

  1. Sierra Leone

  2. Niger

  3. Japan

  4. Togo

  5. Namibia

  6. Belize

  7. Madagascar

  8. Mozambique

  9. Zambia

  10. Slovakia

Chances of being attacked by continent

  • Globally - 1 in 73

  • North America - 1 in 51

  • Europe - 1 in 72

  • Asia (including Asia Pacific) - 1 in 102

  • Africa - 1 in 108

  • South America - 1 in 164

The research was taken from 127 million AVG installations across 144 countries.


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