Reverse Maze

03 Feb 10

Backwards is the new forwards Reverse Maze is a puzzler in a world where left is right and up is down. Prepare to challenge your brain in ways that will leave you laughing, cursing and feeling bewildered all at once. Dodge butterflies, trigger traps and take teleports while opening doors in 48 unique levels full of twists and turns. Prepare for confusion as your controls get reversed, re-reversed, re-re-reversed and even rotated leaving you wondering which way is up. Maneuver your way to the exit through a maze of twists, turns and traps, challenging to even the best spatial thinkers. Play for 2 minutes or 2 hours, there is always a new challenge around every corner. Finishing the game is only the first step, track your stats as you go and struggle to achieve gold in all areas. Challenge the world as you fight for the all time and 24 hour quickest time in each level.

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