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Review: Acer C7 Chromebook

18 Sep 2013

For many people Google Cloud is their world. I am no different.

I have an Android which is completely backed up onto Google including all my photos and contacts, while most of my emails are also Google based.

Not forgetting me being a heavy user of Google Drive as well.

Chromebooks are the newest cloud computers of Google teaming up with various brands; the Acer C7 is one example of computers running Google OS.

These computers make accessing all things Google super simple as you log in using your Google Account (including the computer itself), it boots up in less than 20 seconds (or open it and it switches on) and it’s preloaded with Google Apps, everything is accessed via Chrome and Google.

The computer hardware features an 11.6” (1366x768) display, 16GB SSD (plus 100GB Google Drive Cloud Storage), up to 4 hours battery life (usage depending), Dual­core Intel Celeron Processor, Dual band WiFi, HD Camera, 3 USB Port, HDMI and VGA ports, plus a 2­in­1 memory card slot.


* Boots up quickly, switching between users is straightforward once set up

* Slim and lightweight ­ 2.5cm thick (or thin) and 1.4kg, highly portable

* 16GB SSD might seem small but sufficient given most use should be Cloud based

* 4 hour battery life (approximately 2 hours with heavy use) and charges up relatively quickly

* Comfortable keyboard which makes for quick typing and buttons for Chrome use e.g. forward, back, refresh, expand, switching between windows

* Camera app includes filters and multi­shot options

* Google Store accessible which allows you to download various apps

* The power adaptor has a interchangeable pin that can be set at 4 different sides meaning it can accommodate multi­pin plugs or other chunky power supplies


* You have to be online in order to set up the computer ­ as you have to log into your Google account

* Setting up multiple users can be slightly confusing especially if you’re used to the other format of Chrome which only involves logging in

* Can’t install certain other programs which are compatible with only Mac or Windows

If you’re a crazy Google Cloud user like myself, this computer would be able to meet all your basic requirements as long as you don’t need access to other programs.

It’s functionality means it is portable and doesn’t weigh you down. The only downside is that you can only use it when online, which is only a minimal hassle if you have a smartphone that can tether.

I also used it to write this review and access my various email accounts, it also features a relatively small price tag starting at around $400 NZD.

Score: 4/5