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Review: Angry Bird Speakers

01 Sep 2012

Angry Birds is a game that almost everybody knows, even if you don’t have a smartphone or gaming device. Merchandise for the Angry Birds brand ranges from t-shirts to plush pillows, so if you are a real Angry Birds fan then this speaker is definitely for you. Made by Gear4 the speaker is designed to a tee, as it looks much like a scale model plastic Angry Bird and doesn’t weigh much considering its size and internals.

It contains everything you need in a speaker and music playing device: a power cord with four foreign adaptable plugs (handy if you choose to travel with it or plan on gifting it to someone overseas); a 3.5mm headphone jack; and a stand for your smartphone, MP3 player and/or possibly an iPad or tablet placed horizontally (it is made from plastic so it might not balance well with the weight).

The 30W 2.1 Stereo Sound packs quite a punch. To test the volume control it is best to turn up the volume on your device and slowly increase the volume on the speaker. Paired with the sub-woofer and variable bass control, it is surprising how loud it can get for a relatively small device – it definitely hits the mark when it comes to volume and bass.


  • Volume is quite good considering its size
  • Bass Control in subwoofer is impressive
  • Adaptable plugs for travel or if you want to gift it
  • Realistic design to keep fans happy
  • Includes a stand for your mobile device
  • Rubber base so it doesn’t move around
  • Requires a power supply, so not good for on the go use
  • Made from plastic, so not sure how well it would survive an accidental drop and colour may fade with time.
The Verdict

Overall, the speaker didn’t fail to deliver in sound quality and bass control. It stays true to the Angry Bird design and would be a great gift for a true fan. And if you want to drive someone crazy, you can always play the actual game with the volume turned right up –the pigs are even more annoying.