01 Jan 2012
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AOC Review

Review: AOC e2351Fh

Thanks to AOC we got to take a look at the new 23-Inch e2351Fh monitor this month.

AOC’s latest monitor continues the company’s tradition of creating very thin, light monitors – the e2351Fh measures in at just over 10mm thick.

Installation was quick and easy thanks to the simple base and stem setup. The stem is made of plastic but it actually manages to hold the monitor’s weight without any issues. The base, while not huge, provides enough stability and is relatively unobtrusive on the desktop. With the e2351Fh, you can also forgo the stem and base and stand the monitor directly on the desk like a digital photo frame.

Setting up the connections was quick and easy because the fittings are located on the back of the monitor. However, this does rule out the possibility of wall mounting. With the options of HDMI, VGA and DVI, the e2351Fh should cover most bases for users.

The monitor features a nice surround with a glossy black finish and touch sensitive buttons. The on-screen menu options are as you would expect from most monitors, and while a bit of fiddling was required to get the optimum settings, it was easy enough to configure. The screen itself has a recommended resolution of 1920×1080@60Hz and features a 2ms response time.

The monitor performed well in a range of situations, the only downfall was that some colours did not appear to be quite as vibrant on the e2351Fh as on some comparative monitors. That being said, this minor negative aspect did not detract from the overall experience.



Good value for money

Range of inputs


Image depth not as vibrant as some other monitors


AOC has once again provided a great quality monitor for the average user that is stylish, practical and affordable. If you are looking for a good quality screen for general use, you won’t be disappointed here.

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