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Review: ASUS N750 Laptop

Asus have released the N750, 17.3 inches of glorious screen real estate wrapped in a sleek metal body, ready for pretty much anything you can throw at it?

The N750 is not small, as someone with an 11" air, the Asus seemed to take up the whole desk, but really it is a desktop replacement with all the features you'll ever need or want.

I plug my macbook into multiple monitors, yet I use it on the go so much more, the N750 offers the alternative, a desktop replacement that you can use on the go occasionally.

It's powerful, with a lot more under the hood than you'd expect. Well done Asus, you threw a curveball I wasn't expecting. This thing sounds goooood. If you know a musician, recommend this to them. For a laptop, it's depth of sound is pretty fcking amazing.

With a separate speaker, the clarity of music is pretty astounding. Yes, there's been a compromise on other parts, but the sound quality sets it apart from the competitors.

If you're a music maker in any which way, this beast is your best tool. You don't need a studio, you need clarity and that's what the ASUS offers. Its abilities to reproduce music without expensive separates and studio quality gear is pretty breathtaking.

But that does come with compromises, the review product came with a 1600 x 900 screen. Pretty appalling for a professional grade machine. It is available in 1080p and this would be the model I'd recommend. It's powerful enough to create great videos and the screen should reflect this capability. So buy the full HD model, you won't regret it.


  • Astounding sound
  • Grunt like you wouldn't believe
  • Typical bulletproof ASUS build quality
  • Screen could be better

The ASUS N750 is a laptop that fits a particular use case. It's more than capable as a desktop replacement, but with its Bang & Olufsen ICEpower sub, you can see where the money has been invested. If you're into music, seriously consider this - OK?