FutureFive NZ - Review: AVG Internet Security 9.0

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Review: AVG Internet Security 9.0

The latest version of AVG’s Internet security suite is faster than its predecessor in every way, with shorter boot-up and scan times. In fact, there’s a nice feature shortly after the installation process called ‘performance scanning’. It scans your computer for ‘trusted’ files, significantly reducing the time it’ll take for future routine scans of your entire computer. The interface is fairly bare-bones – which is great if you want your suite to do all the work in the background – although each component of the suite can be viewed individually in greater detail if you wish. You can download the Antivirus Free Edition from www.avg.com, but this doesn’t feature the wider security and system-tools functionality of the full suite.

Pros: Fast. Performance scanning is a nice touch.

Cons: Malware scanning and removal not as thorough as some of its competitors.

Verdict: Perhaps the most functional and hassle-free suite tested, but it just might be at the expense of a completely robust experience with few loopholes.

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