FutureFive NZ - Review: Belkin Hi-Speed Usb 2.0 7-Port Hub

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Review: Belkin Hi-Speed Usb 2.0 7-Port Hub

Belkin’s Hi-Speed USB 2.0 7-Port Hub pretty much defines itself in its title – it’s a powered USB hub with seven ports, five of which come out the back of its vaguely UFO-shaped body.

Pros: The stackable design means you could use multiple hubs – if you’ve got truly huge USB port needs. The indicator lights are a good idea, as are the top-mounted ports, which can be used for genuinely plug-and-play devices, while more permanently installed products go in the rear five sockets. Throughput was solid in our tests with all devices, but you’d expect that out of any competent USB hub anyway.

Cons: The stackable nature of the hub means it’s a bit larger than comparable hubs, which costs you desk space; likewise, the power adaptor adds a bit more desktop clutter.

Verdict: A good hub for those who need lots of extra USB ports.

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