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Review: Clickfree Transformer Se

The Clickfree Transformer SE is a nifty little device that allows users to take advantage of their existing hard drives for use as a Clickfree device (instead of forking out for another 250GB drive). You can even use the remaining space on your iPod as a Clickfree storage drive where they’re otherwise limited to the one-way transfer of music files, images and movies without complicated third-party intervention. Simply plug the Transformer SE into one of your PC’s or Mac’s USB ports, plug your chosen drive into the Clickfree Transformer adapter and you’re away! The Transformer then collates a variety of different file types in a checklist and then gives you the options to select or deselect which files you’d like to back up as you see fit (relative to the available space on the drive, of course).

PROS: Supports multiple drives. Compact and portable. Easy-to-use interface. Provides more control over which files you’d like to back up than the fully fledged Clickfree drive.

CONS: You will need at least one fairly large storage device for the Transformer SE to be particularly useful.

VERDICT: A great device that allows you to make convenient use of multiple existing drives — even iPods — as a backup solution.

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