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Review: CyberPower CPBC5200TI USB Battery Pack

20 Sep 2013

Battery Packs might seem a bit unusual but with everyday devices becoming not only more reliant on battery power but also high drain, it seems even more useful despite all of technology’s advancements.

The CyberPower USB Battery Pack is small but power packed product which can be used to power most of your mobile devices for up to 80 hours extra run time on 2200mAh capacity.

It takes around 4 hours to charge via PC and slightly faster with certain types of USB Adaptors. It is fairly lightweight, small and portable, it also has a LED indicator which was shows capacity of the battery pack once it is charged.


* Long lasting rechargeable battery with up to 500 cycles

* Lightweight and compact design

* Battery capacity LED indicator

* Attached USB charging connector


* Attached USB charging connector is short, if you’re charging it via a wall adaptor it will hang.

* A bit plasticky feeling but does seem to take a few knocks.


If you’re the type of person who requires battery power on the go, this is the ideal product for you. With a 2200mAh capacity it is enough to supply everyday use but doesn’t take too long to charge up as well.

It is fairly compact which means it can be placed in a pocket or bag without any hassle. It doesn’t come with any additional cords however most people have spares lying around.