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Review: Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook

01 Jun 2013

The release of Windows 8 has not only added a brand new operating system to the table but also has resulted in the increased availability in touch-capable devices (tablets, laptops and desktops) in order to be able to fully utilise all the features of the system.

In terms of laptops, there has been the option to either have an touchscreen Ultrabook or a TabletPC (tablets with a separate keyboard attachment).

Enter the Dell XPS12 Convertible Ultrabook, one of the touch screen laptops which takes that one step further to create a laptop that can also be changed into a tablet.

But how?

In this case, Dell have create a screen which can be flipped 180 degrees horizontally around the screenpanel, it is also the 2013 iF Gold Award winner for it’s innovative design.

This essentially means consumers have the chance to use it as a laptop with a touchscreen as well as a tablet for other purposes.


  • Intel i7 processor with preinstalled Windows 8 (Pro version also available)
  • 12.5” LED Backlit Touch Display with True Life and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and 400 nit, clarity and viewable on multiple angles
  • Constructions includes a machined aluminum panel rim in anodized aluminum color, carbon fiber display back and base means it’s strong and light at the same time. Screen is also made from Corning Gorilla Glass for durability.
  • Up to 256GB Solid State Drive - standard for almost all Ultrabook, benefits include faster processing and no loss of memory if device is accidentally dropped.
  • Standard full sized keyboard that is also spill proof.
  • Glass integrated touchpad
  • Weighs in at 1.54kg on the lighter end for any laptop.
  • Front facing camera is only 1.3MP means use with Skype is a bit blurry.
  • If you’re a bit forceful, flipping the screen unintentionally may occur when opening.
  • Would be awesome if it could flip 360 degrees horizontally instead of just 180.
  • Computer battery is in built, some may want interchangeable for convenience.
  • Although convertible, using a device weighing 1.54kg as a tablet is still a bit difficult for extended use or if you’re lying down.
Windows 8 has meant a new range of PC’s often will include touch screen capabilities and with laptops it also means the convergence to tablet like qualities.

This Dell Convertible Ultrabook has all the right specifications to make it fast and reliable. The 12.5” screen in HD makes a big difference with videos and viewing pictures, however it also does highlight the low resolution of the camera.

Despite all it’s features and hardware it still manages to remain fairly lightweight.

Score: 4/5