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Review: EEE Box

01 Feb 2009

ASUS’s Eee Box takes the basic Eee concept - inexpensive PC components in a tiny case - and presents it in desktop form. ‘Box’ is a good appellation for this; it’s a desktop with no supplied monitor, although we have seen retail bundles that include one.

Pros: Like the notebooks with which it shares its name, it’s a slender box that doesn’t take up much desktop space. It’s also remarkably quiet when it’s running, even if the actual box is quite close to you.

Cons: While XP isn’t the most taxing operating system, the Eee Box still feels underpowered, and while the price seems attractive, for only a small amount more money (especially when you factor a monitor into the price) you could get a fully fledged, much more powerful PC.

Verdict: Nice design, but better in concept than execution.