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Review: FujiFilm Zoe Digital Camera

01 Sep 2012

With a name like “Zoe” it’s clear that this camera is targeted at a female demographic, and if the name didn’t convince you, then the fact that it is available in five bright and vivid colours might also be a hint. In many ways, the camera can be coined as a practical “fashion accessory” as it is not just pretty but also functional.

Slim, light and packed full of features for its size. The menu is fairly easy to navigate and it is quite straightforward for changing between the camera’s 18 modes for different uses and situations, including a night mode. Main functions like the flash and timer have buttons that are easily accessible and it also includes a filming function right next to the capture button, which will record regardless of the mode it is in. The timer button also has the option for “couple’s” photo as well as having up to four people in the group shot, adjusting the time required accordingly. Other features include a “mark to upload” to Facebook and YouTube.

Accessories include a strap, case, miniature rubber camera which disguises a 4GB USB drive, and a USB cord for photo transfer and charging.


  • 14 megapixel capability– unnecessary for some, but a nice feature to have
  • Six different photo size options
  • 2.7” screen for viewing– big enough given the size of the camera
  • 720p HD video capture capability (around 11 minutes with a 4GB card)
  • Colour matching accessories
  • Charging via power adaptor and USB cord, which I didn’t like, however this may not matter to other users
  • I failed to see the use for the “mark to upload” feature, but it could be useful for some.
The Verdict

Overall, easy to use camera from its different modes to its point to shoot capability. Although I wouldn’t buy it for myself, I could see why it would be appealing to someone who would consider it a fashion accessory.