Review: Garmin Nuvi 765

01 Jul 09

The Nuvi 765 is a GPS with a 4.3-inch screen, Bluetooth, spoken street names and 3D landmarks.

Pros: We liked the very simple interface on the Nuvi – which, by default, just asks you “where to?” and offers you the option to view the map. Signal lock was quick, and while the maps are somewhat garish, big friendly cartoon-style arrows make discerning your next turn very easy. Likewise, the use of a car icon – rather than a bland triangle ­– is a fun addition, and you can choose from different models.

Cons: The default detail setting misses some roads out – and in one of our test cases, knew we were on a road, but didn’t show it up on the map! Thankfully, you can up the detail level pretty easily. Re-routing was also a problem with both Garmin models, with some obvious side-street turning options discarded in favour of very long roundabout methods of turning.

Verdict: Great interface, but worrying re-routing decisions.

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