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Review: iLuv SmashBox Pro

The iLuv SmashBox Pro is a portable stereo speaker and Smartphone case combined –ideal for those people that lead an active lifestyle or who have hobbies where you normally wouldn'’t dare take your Smartphone along in your pocket.

It's “one-touch” button which allows you to play back music and pick up phone calls on the cases external speakers while your phone stays safe (and clean) inside. A small pouch inside keeps your phone secure and setup is simple with the unit connecting via a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The outside has a fairly rugged finish with both Velcro straps and also a carabineer for easy attachment in a variety of situations.


  • No extra software or phone accessories, just plug the jack into your phone.

  • Suitable for both iPhone and Android phones.

  • One-Touch button means easy access with phone calls and music

  • Made from durable materials and appears sturdy enough to take a couple of hits and still protect your phone.


  • Requires 2-AA batteries which are used to power the speaker, not sure how long they would last with regular use.

  • No volume control on the product itself, reliant on the volume output of the individual devices.

  • It would suit most small to medium sized phones, but would exclude larger one due to the dimensions of the case.

Overall, this product is designed specifically towards those who have active hobbies and either can’t do without their phone, be it work demands, just wanting to take it along in case of emergency, or to just have some music while they are out in the great outdoors.

Score: 3/5

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