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Review: Imation Slim External DVD Recorder

The Imation Slim External DVD recorder is one those accessories you only really need if you’ve seriously downsized your laptop or don’t have a DVD drive in your desktop. Personally, I either store files on USB drives or use the Cloud, however I guess there is some value in burning things to a physical disc.

Out of the box, the DVD drive comes with a Y-cable (that’s two regular USB ports into the computer and then a mini port for the drive, all with USB 2.0 capability) and a software CD which includes Nero Express 9 and Nero Photoshow 9. Although there are two ports, you only actually need one – the extra is for additional power, which some ports may require. The DVD drive itself is very slim and quite portable, weighing in at just 360g it is also very lightweight.


  • Nice design, stylish and slim

  • USB 2.0 capability which means less power and faster speeds

  • No additional power source required

  • If you’re using double layered DVDs, Imation’s Slim Drive will automatically detect this capability. Especially good for videos, movies and music

  • When plugged in, it detects easily and appears like all other drives

  • Detects when the computer is switched on or off


  • The lightweight nature means it could easily slide off a surface

  • Some may find the additional software nice, but it is an unnecessary install as it works without.

The Verdict

Overall, I found the Imation Slim DVD Recorder an easy and hassle-free device to install and use. As mentioned before, I personally am not a DVD user, and all of my computers come with built-in DVD drives, so I would probably not purchase it for my own use.

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