Review: Iolo Drive Scrubber

01 Apr 09

Drive Scrubber is a drive erase utility – be it a hard drive, flash drive or even a camera card – that securely deletes all the data on a drive in such a way that it can’t be recovered. It’s a good way to securely give away old drives (or even junk them if you must) without the risk of revealing private or sensitive information.

Pros: Drive Scrubber is nicely configurable; you can choose to delete just the free space from a drive, or even boot from the CD to wipe a virus-infected system completely. It also has plenty of warnings about losing data, so it’s virtually impossible to “accidentally” wipe your data.

Cons: As with most drive deletion utilities, even on small drives it can be quite slow. A test 32G USB drive took several hours to securely wipe, for example.

Verdict: A secure but slow utility for protecting personal data and cleaning drives.

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