FutureFive NZ - Review: Iolo System Mechanic Professional

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Review: Iolo System Mechanic Professional

Like Fix-It Utilities 8, System Mechanic promises to make your PC run a lot more smoothly, although in System Mechanic’s case it’s through a number of rather more in-depth utilities, including AntiVirus, Firewall, File Recovery and drive deleting utilities.

Pros: It’s quite comprehensive and covers some factors other utilities leave out, including in-depth hard drive deletion utilities.

Cons: The firewall is very chatty, as is the anti-virus package. You can opt not to install them, but then you may find yourself better served by the standard utility, which costs slightly less. Some of the vendor claims, such as the ability to “Accelerate download and Web surfing speeds up to 300%”, are pure snake oil.

Verdict: A decent suite of utilities, but a touch overhyped.

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