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Review: Kensington EVAP

09 Dec 2013

It can often be a person’s nightmare to drop their phone into water, even more so with smartphones which sit on a higher price range and value.

Kensington EVAP is a product designed to save your small (but valuable) electronics which have been dropped into water within 24 hours of the event.

If you have ever dropped a smartphone in water, you will know the potential issues - water in the microphone, speakers, and usually will also affect the touch screen usability.

As a result, this product could be the answer to potentially having to replace a smartphone completely.

The package contents contains: two drying sachets which contain an “unique” evaporating agent and a special zip-lock sealed pouch with an indicator and instructions, which definitely should be read before using to ensure you use it correctly.


• Relatively cheap solution that could save you from a complete replacement

• Claims to be 700% more effective from the well known “rice” solution

• Easy to use, pouch indicates when all the water is removed.


• Single one-use only product

• No 100% guarantee that it will save on your wet device

• Requires you to pre-buy and have it handy for the unimaginable situation

As a potential saviour of smartphones and other valuable electronic goods, the Kensington EVAP is a good thing if you don’t think putting your device in rice will save it.

However, there is a time constraint between when the accident happens and when you have to put it into the product to save your electronic device - which might not be very realistic.

When tested, the device was only soaked in water for no more than 15 seconds, and the product worked it magic - whether it would work if soaked for longer or if not put into the product pouch straight away is debatable.

But for a cheap solution it is pretty good.

Score: 4/5