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Review: Kinect TV - Sesame Street

Come and play, everything’s A-OK. Kinect TV’s Sesame Street will be loved by little people that enjoy the show because for the first time ever children can really be a part of the Sesame Street magic.

Now when Elmo tells your little one to throw him the imaginary ball they will really be able to do it and have him respond. Children will love taking pictures, learning shapes and even standing still like a statue.

The menu is easy for little ones to navigate; in fact the whole game requires almost no parental assistance helping your child to develop a sense of independence.

The game comes with two disks, one for growing up and one for science with four episodes on each disk, each having various ways for children to interact with the television.

The episodes are basically like one you would see on TV, except when they ask your child to do something the Kinect Sensor will register what they have done and the characters will respond accordingly.

Some children will really love how much it is like the TV series while others may get a little impatient as there can be long waits between interactive segments.

The highlight for my kids was definitely visiting Elmo’s World, as even the five and six year olds loved dancing to the theme song.

As a parent I loved that the children were having so much fun that half the time they didn’t even realise they were learning.

Our older children were happy to watch their siblings play but the game didn’t hold their interest for as long as it did for those under six. But we all struggled getting it into two player mode and found it didn’t work as well if the sensor was trying to register more than one person.

For those wanting more of a game than a television show you might be a bit disappointed, however your children won’t care either way, and if you were wondering if it answers the age old question I am sorry to inform you that I still have no idea how to get to Sesame Street.

Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Lasting appeal: 4/10

Overall: 6/10

Meg Harris

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