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Review: Kodak ESP 5 All-In-One-Printer

The ESP 5 is Kodak’s latest foray into all-in-one printing territory: a unit that scans, copies and prints. Kodak’s particular boast is that the ESP 5 is far more economical to run than competing AIO solutions.

Pros: The software suite Kodak provides is excellent, and as you might expect, rather focused on photo printing. The ESP 5 is also quite capable of printing quite quickly, whether text or photo is your choice.

Cons: A little too fast, it turns out - we had continuous problems with paper jams during our testing, most of which were down to the printer trying to suck paper in just way too rapidly. Photo printing may be cheap on the ESP 5, but it was also only of average quality, which isn’t what you’d expect from a brand like Kodak. We also hit some serious problems uninstalling Kodak’s driver software, which is worrying.

Verdict: Bold pricing claims let down by sub-par printing and too many paper jams.