FutureFive NZ - Review: Kworld DVD Maker

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Review: Kworld DVD Maker

The DVD Maker is a USB-connected video capture device that’ll connect up to any composite or S-Video-capable video source, be it a camcorder, VHS or even a games console, and then allow you to convert that video onto a DVD, or Web-capable format.

Pros: Setup was simple - install the drivers and the supplied applications and you’re good to go. Once we got it working, video quality was adequate, considering that composite connections are pretty low-grade.

Cons: The supplied PVR software was rubbish and frankly, didn’t work, even though the manual insists it must be installed and used. Thankfully, Ulead’s DVD MovieFactory 4 SE is also supplied, and that (with a little tweaking) did work.

Verdict: Acceptable hardware for the task, but awful software.

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