Review: LG Optimus L7

01 Nov 12

The LG Optimus L7 phone from 2degrees comes with most of the cool features of the mid range Android phones, but best of all it comes with the Snapper Mobile App. This app incorporates NFC technology, which features in most new smartphones, and is New Zealand’s first option for payment via mobile phone.

Snapper is the card payment system used by Wellington public transport, and it can also be used to pay for things including coffee or small goods at convenience stores. This also means it is only really relevant to Wellington patrons. The app comes as a result of the partnership between 2degrees and Snapper and involves a small range of NFC capable phones including the LG Optimus L7. NFC stands for “near field communication” and involves loading your phone with cash to pay for things, as opposed to carrying cash around or using an EFTPOS card.


  • Snapper Mobile App with NFC technology

  • Runs on Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0, you can also make small software updates wirelessly

  • Contains other applications like SmartShare, which uses devices with DLNA to share information

  • NFC is also used with a separate app called LG Tag+

  • 4.3” screen teamed with a small bezel is a comfortable size

  • 5MP camera with flash and front facing camera

  • Extendable external memory of up to 32GB microSD card


  • LG SmartWorld features both Google Apps and other additional downloads but seems a bit unnecessary

  • The back button is on the left hand side, which seems a little unusual

  • Snapper is based in Wellington

  • The design is fairly rectangular with prominent corners, not my personal preference

The Verdict

The LG L7 contains all of the standard features of a mid-range Android phone. It doesn’t have any extra native features; however the addition of the Snapper Mobile App does make it unique. The only problem with the Snapper App is that it’s really only valuable for users based in Wellington as the Snapper SIMS and phones can only be purchased there.

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