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Review: Logitech Cooling Pad N100

01 Nov 2009

As someone with a laptop that’s prone to overheating and unexpectedly shutting down after a decent session, I feel I’m the perfect candidate to review Logitech’s Cooling Pad N100: a lightweight base pad with a USB-powered fan that redistributes heat from your laptop and keeps it cool. At 36.5cm x 28cm, the N100 should fit most standard-sized laptops. It does add roughly two inches of additional bulk to the bottom of your laptop, but it’s so light that you won’t notice any additional weight on your lap. It’s a fairly basic but sleek and well-designed contraption with non-slip pads on top so that your computer sits securely on top. The fan is incredibly quiet; I didn’t even realise it was going at first once I had plugged it in to one of my laptop’s USB ports. On that note, the N100 does require a USB port to run (hardly ideal if your laptop only has a couple), but it’s a preferable alternative to having to use an additional power point. Most importantly of all, though: it works. Where my laptop had already shut down twice in one day due to overheating, it managed to go through the rest of the working day without issue and has not shut down unexpectedly since.

Pros: Nice and light, slender design, quiet fan, doesn’t need a power adapter or power point, works a treat.

Cons: Hogs one of your USB ports, adds extra bulk to your computer and it’s hardly convenient to cart around.

Verdict: The proof is in the pudding, and this device does exactly what is expected of it. It may take up a precious USB port and add a little more bulk to your laptop, but Logitech has done an admirable job at minimising any discomfort.