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Review: Logitech Laptop Speakers Z305

Sometimes, there’s just nothing quite like curling up on the couch and watching a movie on your laptop. Logitech believes that you shouldn’t be deprived of the surround-sound experience, which is why it’s introduced the Z305. It’s a rectangular speaker system that simply clips onto the back of your laptop’s display, providing full, 360-degree sound. It interfaces with your computer via a USB cable, and like all Logitech products designed for notebooks, the utmost has been done to ensure the cable doesn’t get in the way. The device has only three buttons: an on-off switch, volume up and volume down. Adjusting the volume using these buttons brings up a small volume meter on your display, but the problem is that the buttons are on the rear of the (mounted) device; this means you can’t really see what you’re pressing if you try to adjust the volume on the fly. The sound, however, is surprisingly full for a rectangular device, projecting audio in just the right manner to emulate the surround-sound experience. Also, the form factor means that it’s super portable, and it should slip easily into most notebook bags along with your computer.

PROS: Couldn’t be easier to use. Nice, full sound. A very portable notebook speaker solution. Comes with a protective case.

CONS: It’s a pity the volume controls aren’t placed on top of the device so that you can see what you’re pressing during use.

VERDICT: The Logitech Z305 speaker system is ideal for those eager for a couch-bound home theatre experience and also for notebook-based presentation scenarios!

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