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Review: Logitech Professional Presenter R800

01 Sep 10

Chances are that you’ve seen at least a few PowerPoint presentations that haven’t quite gone to plan, be it hardware error or human. Logitech’s Professional Presenter R800 aims to eliminate both possibilities altogether. The remote-like device allows you to easily and effectively drive PowerPoint presentations from a range of up to 30 metres. What really sets the R800 apart from other presentation aids (or even the simple computer mouse held in the hand, which is not entirely uncommon in presentations) is the integrated green laser pointer and silent-vibration timer. The laser pointer is self-explanatory: you can use the same device you’re actually driving the presentation with to highlight important aspects. Once the user has input the length of the presentation, the timer will vibrate and alert them when there are 5, 2 and 0 minutes remaining; a very nice touch for serious presenters, but unfortunately the R800 doesn’t allow the user to set the alert intervals. A USB receiver (for the computer running the presentation) comfortably docks in the device itself, so you’ve got no excuse for losing the receiver after use! There’s also a soft case included to protect the entire package as well.

PROS: Plug-and-play functionality. Clean, minimal and comfortable design. Laser pointer and silent-vibration alerts are great inclusions. The reception display reassures you that you’re still in range.

CONS: The ability to set your own vibrated alert intervals would have been a handy inclusion. Macs not officially supported.

VERDICT: The Professional Presenter R800 is virtually mandatory for anyone required to give regular, professional PowerPoint presentations.