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Review: Macbook Pro

And at the other end of the price scale, we have Apple’s latest refresh of its Macbook Pro line, which features a single-piece aluminium body, dual graphics processor, single ‘no button’ trackpad, 4GB of memory and 320GB of onboard storage.

Pros: This is a seriously fast, seriously powerful portable machine that looks simply stunning. The huge trackpad accepts two, three and even four-finger gestures for a variety of computing tasks, and surprisingly for a mid-sized notebook, battery life was very good indeed. The backlit, glossy screen displays content fantastically well.

Cons: Need we point out the huge price tag? It’s arguably worth it, but that’s still a lot of money to drop on a notebook. The touchpad ‘single click’ functionality also takes some serious getting used to, and we’d still probably plug a decent mouse into it.

Verdict: Stylish, sexy, fast... and painfully expensive.

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