Review: Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

01 Oct 12

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse is a compact mouse that connects to both desktops and laptops via Bluetooth. It uses BlueTrack Technology so it works on virtually any surface.

With a minimalistic approach – the box comes with just the mouse, an AA battery and some simple instructions – the mouse is about half the size of a regular one and shaped much like a doorstop. It features a comfortable soft matte finish and 4-way touch scrolling.

Opening the Wedge Touch battery compartment is easy. Since the mouse is powered by only one AA battery, it is incredibly lightweight.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Soft matte finish that is easy to grip

  • No scroll-wheel means no jamming issues

  • Red and green lights indicate whether mouse is connected

  • Powered by only one AA battery

  • Simple battery compartment access

  • When not in use, there is a power button to conserve battery life

  • Mouse automatically turns off when not in use for a certain length of time

  • Bluetooth technology means no extra USB receivers

  • Supports Windows 7, 8 and Mac OSX 10.6+


  • Scrolling with faster flicks can prompt the bottom of a window to be displayed

  • Scrolling with flicking actions can be too sensitive

  • Due to its small size, a good two-thirds of your hand is not on the mouse

  • Using Bluetooth on aircrafts is not advisable

  • Windows Vista is not supported

The Verdict

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse would be ideal for those who travel frequently or require a small, lightweight option. However, an accidental flick can be annoying when viewing lengthy web pages. You’ll need to be patient and review the mouse options a few times in order to achieve the desired tracking and scrolling functionalities.

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