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Review: Nutshell Smartphone Wallet

It’s amazing to think that we shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the latest technical gadgets, only to scratch, chip or break them long before their lives should be up. Cell phones in particular are becoming quite a big investment, so it’s about time we started taking proper care of them!

In true Kiwi ingenuity fashion, Nutshell has come up with a smartphone wallet that holds and protects your device while keeping it easy to access at all times. The Nutshell smartphone wallet works by adhering a velcro-like backing to your phone, allowing it to be affixed and removed from the wallet whenever you want. When the phone is in place it is perfectly secure and the strong front magnet latch holds the whole wallet together nicely. The wallet features slots for business or credit cards, along with an inside pocket ideal for storing notes or receipts. The outer shell has armoured plastic covered by high quality leather, and the inside features a soft lining that won’t scratch your phone.

The design of the Nutshell is such that it leaves the top, bottom and some of the side of the phone open, allowing easy access to plug in headphones or docking cables while keeping the wallet shut. However, this does leave the phone open to the elements – particularly rain.  While we didn’t intentionally impact test the wallet, its soft yet sturdy design was more than capable of absorbing minor drops and impacts.


  • Solid front and back offer great protection

  • Magnetic clip makes it easy to open and close

  • Great wallet functionality

  • Made in NZ from high quality leather


  • Open sides offer no protection against rain/weather


The Nutshell smartphone wallet is a great product for anyone looking for a professional wallet that will protect their smartphone from everyday bumps and scratches. Its sturdy and high quality construction results in a product that gets the job done, while looking smart and professional at the same time.

Visit http://tuff-as-nuts.com/

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