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Review: Plantronic Backbeat Go Earphones

01 Oct 12

With a name like "Backbeat Go" and mysterious black packaging, I had no idea what type of technology to expect – certainly not a pair of wireless earphones! When I opened the box, I discovered a pair of delicate and fancy-looking earphones intricately wound around themselves and covered in gold paper.  If you have heard of the Plantronics brand before, you probably associate it with their Bluetooth hands-free headsets for mobile phones. This time, Plantronic takes it to the next level with some savvy looking wireless earphones. Designed not only to look cool but also to be compact, I was sceptical of the sound quality, but I was pleasantly surprised! The quality was impressive.

Inside the box you will also find a USB charger cable and some quick instructions. The headphones work using Bluetooth, which is compatible with most devices including mobile phones, and they also double as a handsfree headset (similar to the more well-known Plantronic product range). The earphones consist of just one cord with an earpiece on each side and a volume (and call) control in the middle. After some searching, you will see the well hidden clip which hides the USB port for charging the headphones. The earphones also have small coloured LEDs which indicate when they are charging and connected to your device.


  • Streamlined design less likely to tangle

  • Easy to understand instructions

  • Clear sound for up to 10 metres

  • Coloured LED lights to indicate charging and device connectivity

  • Individual volume control on earphones

  • Extra ear buds with varying sizes

  • USB cord for charging


  • No real indication if the battery is about to die, it just stops transmitting

  • Transferring between devices can be difficult if you don’t disconnect properly

  • Some might find the length of the earphones a bit too short or long depending on preference

The Verdict

Overall, the earphones were surprisingly efficient at transmitting good quality sound. The compact and savvy look would suit most people, especially those who appreciate the wire-free variety. Like most Bluetooth devices, linking the earphones to your device will drain the battery, so depending on your level of usage this could be an issue.

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