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Review: Rapoo 6610 Wireless Mouse

Rapoo have released another mouse onto the market. The 6610 will work in pretty much any environment as it comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and a nano receiver which allows it to use a dongle (included) for non-Bluetooth machines.

The battery on the 6610 can last up to 9 months in normal use, so you don’t need keep spares at hand. With its 1000 dpi tracking, it’s very smooth in day to day use. With minimal extra buttons, just a scroll wheel, the 6610 is not trying to set the world alight, but could become the everyday mouse that fits in your pocket.

There is one issue, the mouse is so compact, those with big hands may find the 6610 to be a little too small for day to day use. A simple change in holding the mouse can resolve this, but users may feel uncomfortable with its size.

The ideal user for the 6610 is someone on the go who wants to use a mouse, yet doesn’t want to cart around a big hefty one. It is ideally sized as a companion for laptops or for those with smaller hands.


  • Extra-long battery life
  • Bluetooth and dongle connectivity
  • Sensitivity
  • Small size

The Rapoo 6610 Wireless mouse works well, having the ability to be used over Bluetooth or wireless using the included dongle. I would like the ability to add multiple devices to a single dongle. If you have a Rapoo headset, keyboard and mouse, you could potentially have 3 separate dongles plugged in to your computer.