FutureFive NZ - Review: Rapoo H3070 Wireless Headphones

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Review: Rapoo H3070 Wireless Headphones

This headset provides quality sound delivered wirelessly over a 2.4GHz connection and comes with additional features and the required accessories. 


Available in three colours, these wireless headphones will surprise you in terms of quality and use. The set comes with a wireless transmitter that plugs into a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The headset and transmitter are rechargeable via a dual USB cable which can charge both items simultaneously. The pack also includes a special 3.5mm audio to USB cable, ensuring that you have the option to go wired if it runs out of battery.


  • Standard 3.5mm jack for the receiver and cables, easy to use regardless of the device.

  • Clear quality audio for a wireless headset, tested distance and stops transmission after eight metres.

  • Well-padded headphones make for comfortable wear with adjustable sides.

  • Individual volume control for the headphones themselves.


  • Built-in microphone can only be used via USB, small issue.

  • Some headphone users might be used to the bigger headphone sizes as they sit on top of the ear rather than covering completely.

  • Not convinced it can handle music with extreme bass, perhaps not the best choice for music enthusiasts

The Verdict

Overall the Rapoo Wireless Stereo Headset exceeded expectations, with impressive sound quality and good battery life. These headphones are good for everyday basic use on the computer or Skype calls. You might be able to find some extra uses for them e.g. on the go if you plug the transmitter into your music player or phone, or general music listening. If you’re a real music enthusiast these might not meet your needs as they’re pretty basic in features.

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