FutureFive NZ - Review: Samsung 3d Blu-Ray Player Bd-C6900

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Review: Samsung 3d Blu-Ray Player Bd-C6900

If you’re planning on watching full 3D content (at least in the short term and until local broadcasters go ahead with 3D programming) then you’ll need a 3D Blu-ray player. This particular unit from Samsung is not only a slick addition to any home-entertainment cabinet but a comprehensive entertainment device in its own right. There are no physical buttons on its slender profile; while on stand-by mode, pressing a lone power-on touch light fires the unit up. A glowing ‘Blu-ray 3D’ icon lights up, along with the rest of the touch-light buttons for playback, scene selection etc.

The player also features Samsung’s Internet@TV service, allowing you to access certain internet functionality (such as Yahoo, Flickr, YouTube and Skype) via your home network. There’s integrated wi-fi, so you won’t need to pick up a wireless dongle (it’s about time manufacturers started integrating wireless connectivity).

Best of all, if this player is used in conjunction with a recent-model Samsung television set you won’t need the additional remote; the television’s remote will do just nicely, thanks.

PROS: A comprehensive Blu-ray player with almost everything you’d require of such a device. Stylish and attractive.

CONS: HDMI 1.4 cable not included.

VERDICT: Those intending to enter the 3D realm will find a nice general package in this player. Those not ready to make the leap, however, could find something to suit their requirements for much less.

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