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Review: Samsung ATIV Smart PC

How quite to describe the ATIV Smart PC from Samsung we wondered.

It’s a bit hard to describe the Samsung ATIV Smart PC in a single word - it’s not quite a PC, but it’s not quite a tablet either. Instead it is a Windows 8 tablet based computer which features a separate keyboard dock that, allows you to use it almost like a laptop or a tablet.


  • Windows 8 pre-installed, ideal for a touch screen based device.

  • 11.6” HD LED display - slightly larger and wider than typical sized tablet

  • Multiple ports including HDMI, USB 2.0 and a Micro SD reader

  • Includes both Samsung Apps and Microsoft Store which provided endless Apps possibilities.

  • Wireless and Bluetooth capability and 3G version also available.

  • Charging via the keyboard dock and tablet an added bonus.


  • Basic Intel Atom Processor- can slow it down significantly.

  • When using the onscreen keyboard it makes it hard to view where you are typing.

  • The keyboard dock feels quite cheap and flimsy

  • Keyboard dock also doesn'’t counterweight the tablet making it feel like it could tip over.

Although the Samsung ATIV Smart PC has all the right ideas, it gets let down in the execution. The concept is a great idea, but the processor can'’t deliver the performance that a laptop user expects and the keyboard, it does feel like a bit of an afterthought - both in implementation and build quality. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is a good basic tablet PC, but may annoy avid laptop users who might expect more performance.

Score 2/5

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