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Review: Samsung NX100 Digital SLR Camera

Using mirrorless technology, Samsung has managed to pack the power of typical digital SLR cameras into a form factor not too dissimilar to the usual point-and-shoot digital cameras. This model is capable of snapping 14-megapixel resolution and also recording 720p HD video.

Of course, you will need to attach a lens, so it’s not quite like you can cart the NX100 around in your pocket. But it does result in a nice, comfortable size when held in your hands. There’s no viewfinder, which may irk your more traditional photographers; instead, the NX100 takes a cue from contemporary digital cameras and makes use of a 3-inch AMOLED in order to frame shots. There is an electronic viewfinder available at an additional cost for purists, which slots into the top of the camera. However, there’s also no on-board flash, which is an additional accessory that any serious photographer simply can’t do without. And with only one slot for an accessory, you’ll be forced to choose between the viewfinder and the flash at any one time.

Like the best digital cameras, the NX100 has an easy-to-navigate interface, and it also includes a host of useful, on-board editing functions such as red-eye fix, backlighting, photo style and more. These functions just might save you the hassle of running your images through a computer-based suite in order to achieve the desired effect.

PROS: High-quality images. SLR functionality in a smaller form factor. Intuitive interface. Nice on-board image-editing functions.

CONS: No on-board flash or viewfinder, and you’ll be forced to choose one or the other if you pick up the attachments.

VERDICT: The NX100 is a nice and fairly unobtrusive camera that captures an excellent picture. Camera buffs may feel limited, but this is a relatively inexpensive, versatile and easy-to-use entry-level unit.

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