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Review: Scosche BoomBOTTLE

With summer fully underway, you may have considered the best way to transport your music whilst you are out and about - whether it’s on the beach, at a party or just maybe you’re trying to find a way to make your music more portable.

The Scosche BoomBOTTLE is the newest addition in the portable speaker range, Scosche being a fairly new brand has also made it mark as a leader in Bluetooth Speaker technology but providing clear and crisp sounds through a older feature which is more known for it’s unpredictability in music delivery.

The BoomBOTTLE isn’t the more appealing aesthetically, however it makes up for it in practicality.

There are two speakers on each end of the “bottle” which are both omni-directional providing a 360 degree sound - they are also sealed by dustproof grills for extra protection, it is waterproof if you want to take it to the pool or beach, the power and volume control buttons are both easy to function and feel sturdy.

Also, the speaker itself is made from a shock absorbing non-slip material which makes it great if you’re a little bit rough with your possessions, if you are into your bass tones there is even an inbuilt passive subwoofer.

As additional extras, there is a specially sized carabiner which allows you to attach it to bags or hooks, there is an automatic power down feature if the speaker isn’t used which is good for battery saving, the ‘bottle’ name comes from the fact that it will sit securely in the bottle holder of a bike and with its shock absorbing technology it can take a bit of action.


• Delivers nice crisp sound via Bluetooth
• Easy to set up even if you don’t know how to work Bluetooth
• Where it lacks in looks it makes up in other features
• Li-Ion battery makes for each charging and long lasting use.
• Includes 3.5mm standard aux jack in case you device doesn’t have Bluetooth


• Emphasis on the bass and lower tones, great for someone who likes that kind of thing, not great for certain genres of music.
• There is an integrated microphone if you want to use it with phone calls but that features seems a bit odd.
• If you do get it wet, it can initially affect the sound quality but fixes once it fully dries out.

The Scosche BoomBOTTLE is great for the people who live the adrenaline lifestyle or like those types of activities, it is great to take outdoors and delivers on every aspect a part from aesthetics.

The voice prompts and automatic connection to paired devices made it easy to use however it became a little complicated if it was attached to one device and wanted to swap to another.

Score: 4/5

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