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Review: SOL Republic Master Tracks Headphones

01 Jul 2013

The SOL Republic brand might not be that well known in New Zealand yet, but is starting to generate some real attention.

By supporting local music stars like P-Money, K.One, David Dallas and MayaVanya giving them the title of “Saviours of Sound”, along with the backing and design collaboration with international music artists like DeadMau5 and Steve Aoki, SOL Republic takes a new approach by not only making their products look crazy but produce amazing sound.

Unlike most other SOL Republic headphones, the Master Tracks version is currently only available in one colour - however, all SOL Republic Headbands are interchangeable as is there sound cords, making them the first fully customisable headphone brand. (Extra cost involved).

These particular headphones use SOL’s newly developed X3 Sound Engines, created with the aim of delivering immersive sound teamed together with SonicSoft speaker cushions for the ideal fit and optimised for sound isolation.

These headphones seem to be able to accurately reproduce sound across various ranges meaning you can listen to every detail without having to turn up the volume.


  • X3 Sound Engines produce awesome sound quality and clarity over a wide range, whether it be low bass or vocal highs.
  • Cushions allows for long wear and continuous comfort.
  • Fully adjustable headbands which can be coloured customised at an extra cost, the same applies to the sound cords.
  • 3 button control on the sound cord for volume and also serves as a headset for Apple devices.
  • Accessories include a carry case.
  • Headbands are made using FlexTech technology making them virtually indestructible (with a 1000 day guarantee) means they will bend and take a few knocks.
  • Headset feature of the sound cord can only be fully utilised by Apple devices.
  • Only available in one colour.
  • Depending on your view of headphone, they can make you look a bit weird
These SOL Republic Headphones are a great example of how listening to music through the right delivery system can change a song or tune forever.

This is especially true as more music nowadays has added surprises from the editing process which can only be heard wearing headphones.

If you’re willing to invest in a good pair of headphones or even thinking of trying out a new brand, it may pay to give these a good test. RRP is $249.00.

Score 4/5