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Review: SOL Republic Vid HD Headphones

01 Jul 2013

It might not be the first time that a headphone brand has teamed up with a music artist,

But this set of SOL (Soundtrack of Life) Republic Headphones are the first which are not only distinctively represent their collaboration with DJ and Producer Steve Aoki in looks but also shows craftsmanship in the a quality product and sound delivery.

If you know who Steve Aoki is, then these headphones have his personal style all over it (not to mention his name) featuring black and white stripes, with an aqua-blue silhouette of the DJ himself. Powered by V10 Sound Engines, it is ideal for listening to dance music or anything which deep bass - like maybe some Steve Aoki on YouTube.

These SOL Republic headphones comes with fully interchangeable cords and headbands, allowing the ultimate customisation.

Constructed using FlexTech technology they are also lightweight and virtually indestructible. Comfort is also key with soft padding around the headband and the headphones themselves.

They also feature a headset for Apple devices which is handy as well.


  • Comfortable, lightweight and virtually indestructible - it can take a few knocks and still sound great.
  • Full customisable headbands and cords (at an extra cost).
  • Clear sound, delivers on strong bass tunes as well as crisp vocals.
  • Headset feature for Apple devices.
  • Depending on your preference you might find these particular design a bit too out there unless you’re a true Steve Aoki fan.
  • Since the cords are also interchangeable it means that occasionally you might pull out one side and find yourself listening through one ear only.
  • Cords and headphones are set for left and right sides - have to keep a lookout that you’re connecting it correctly.
  • Headphones aren’t everybody’s style, especially on the go - you might find it not so easy to take around with you like earphones.
SOL Republic have truly delivered in both style (well representing Steve Aoki) and product quality with virtually indestructible headbands not to mention the sound delivery with these headphones which can truly reignite a passion and appreciation of music and improving the personal listening experience.

Score: 4/5