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Review: Sony Vaio VGNZ17GNB

01 Mar 09

In stark contrast to this month’s netbook roundups (see page 38), Sony’s VGNZ17GNB is a premium-priced notebook with all the trimmings and a very slim profile.

Pros: This notebook is a solid performer, whether you’re after straight productivity or even more casual applications such as gaming. It’s slim and light and easy to carry as well. It’s possible to switch between ‘stamina’ and ‘speed’ settings, depending on whether you need number crunching or extra battery life on the fly, thanks to dual onboard graphics chips.

Cons: The power button is weirdly placed – nobody we showed it to found it first time. And do we really need to point out just how much this particular notebook costs?

Verdict: A premium product at a premium and wallet-hurting price.