18 Apr 2011
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Review: TrapIt iOS App

TrapIt on iTunes

Platform: iOS

Little Geek, a New Zealand based iOS game development studio, has recently released its first title; TrapIt. Combining elements of speed, timing and strategy, TrapIt aims to capture the ever-expanding iPhone mobile gaming market. But does it succeed? Does this New Zealand minnow have what it takes to kick it with the big fish in the App Store?

TrapIt easily ticks the usability box, making sure you only need to point, drag and click to control all of the interaction. Like most iOS games, there were small issues with controlling the swipes and clicks, so at times I found myself frustrated that I lost a life through an unintentional move. Mostly, this is a gripe with the limitations of the device, though, not with Little Geek; it’s hard to be 100% precise unless you’ve got the needle-pointed fingers of Mr. Burns. The fact that a game that is seemingly small in scope can generate emotions of frustration and success is the mark of a good title.

The gameplay is simple and effective, tasking you with the separation of little spiky, coloured things in space so they don’t blow up... I guess. Heck, the narrative isn’t important. As the developer has stated, the game does "start out easy” but that doesn't last very long at all; with a steep increase in difficulty, the first few levels are really only a way to settle you into a rhythm before going all out with the frantic gameplay at TrapIt's core.

The UI is smart, safe and easy to read. Flightless, brought on by Little Geek to handl the "prettifying” of the game, has done an great job of keeping the screen uncluttered and playable, which isn’t something a lot of new developers have an easy time with.

Little Geek, you’ve made New Zealand proud. Your debut title plays well, looks good, and will probably earn you a stack of cash - a bit like Dan Carter really. TrapIt is great, but now that we’ve seen what you can do, we expect big things in the future. Huge things, even. By the way, I’m not talking about TrapIt: iPad Edition. That would be cheating.

Graphics: 7

Gameplay: 8

Sound: 7

Lasting appeal: 8

Overall: 8

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