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Review: Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security PC

04 Oct 2013

When you can get simple, effective and free antivirus software for pretty much any device or platform, brands like Trend Micro need to offer something extra if they want people to pay for something with similar features.

The new Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security suite offers just that - combining a handful of both preventative and reactive measures which will not only keep your computers (desktop and laptop) but other mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

There are two versions of the software - a 3 device license and a 5 device license valid for 12 months.

Trend Micro Titanium claims to protect your data in five ways:

* 5GB online storage with a SafeSync account

* DirectPass which manages logins and passwords across various sites

* Important files can be encrypted into Micro Vault and if the computer is lost or stolen can be remotely locked

* Deleted files are overwritten by random data to prevent content retrieval

* Data theft prevention through protection of credit card and bank account details.

Installation is simple if you don’t have other antivirus software installed into the computer, however if you do, you may find you need to uninstall other versions before installing a new version.

Once installed the program itself has a simple and easy to use interface, which allows you to control what the software is doing, how often and what it’s done in the past.

There is no noticeable decrease in performance when the computer is being scanned.

The strength in this software is preventative however it can work in removing malware as well, the in browser toolbar allows real time detection of almost all threats.

There is also parental control for those worrying about their children’s use of social networks, however this is not as each to use as previous versions.

Pros:* Windows 8 Compatible* Protects over various devices including mobile* Protects in over 5 different ways* Doesn’t appear to affect computer performance* Great preventative softwareCons:* Uninstallation of other antivirus software may be required* Parental controls aren’t as user friendly as previous versions

* There are free antivirus software which offer the same service

While there is not many free antivirus software options, brands which offer paid versions may struggle in attracting new users to an annual subscription that is worth the investment.

Trend Micro has upped it’s previous versions by offering their service across multiple devices and it does deliver on what it claims on the box.

The software also runs quietly in the background and only alerts when needing attention.

Is it worth the investment? That is up to the individual.

Score: 3.5/5