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Review: Yealink SIP-T48G

17 Oct 2014

The SIP-T48G IP phone is Yealink’s latest model aimed at managers for its advanced options. As an infrastructure purchase, you’ll be happy to know it supports Gigabit Ethernet and IPv6.

The T48G has the capability to have six VoIP accounts active - ideal for the busy manager who’s running a few companies at once.

With its 7” touchscreen, the T48G has a simple interface, being easy to use and ideal for those users who require direct access to call people. A lot of the details are hidden away from the normal user, leaving the phone to do exactly what it is meant to: provide a method to talk! It has HD voice, and a solid construction that means it can survive most office situations.

VoIP phones generally have an option of PoE or power supply, unless it is a non-PoE VoIP phone. The T48G can be powered by an optional power supply, or PoE.

The extra boost in processor power makes the interface quite fluid. VoIP phones aren’t always the most intuitive, but Yealink has done quite a good job in making the interface understandable. This means the user uptake is reasonably simple.

By increasing the ability of users to engage with VoIP, it offers more functionality than either a standard phone or a basic Lync attached phone.

The T48G is the flagship of Yealink’s VoIP offerings, and it is definitely an executive device, or one for a heavy user who wants to invest in a high use device.

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